In late 2019, YSI Global changed strategy
We had 35.000 applicants from 180 countries in 3 years, and could only accept 0,25% into the program. This is not good enough and we want to make a scalable, digital and personalized program for entrepreneurs.
Apply to become a tester
The platform
The platform is under development in direct collaboration with people who are aspiring entrepreneurs. The platform will contain both our innovation program and our community.
Personalized content
The program will use algorithms to adapt to your needs and the current situation you are in as an entrepreneur.
No time waste
Our goal is to have no time waste. The goal is to make all content, and everything you see to be relevant.
Get help
Our algorithms will ensure that your help posts will reach people with that particular skills to avoid waste of time and space on the platform. Post a problem -> Reach the right person
Give and get
To ensure quality with everyone on the platform, we are creating a community makes it so that you need to engage, help others and be part of the community to receive goods, helps and value.
Find team members, get help, test your product, and become friends with people in all countries around the world.
Offline content
The program will also have an offline version that can be used in areas with bad internet connection.
Coming soon: Play boardgame and test our chatbot
In March and April we will make our first products public
The Scenario Game
The scenario game is an online boardgame for entrepreneurs that will test your ability to react to sitauations and your level of knowledge in entrepreneurship and sustainability.
With the systems of Simplifai we are building a chatbot that can help you find tools, methods, knowledge and workshops in our modules: Team, problem understanding, solution, testing and get-to-market.
Progress update
We will update you with the newest developments for the buidling of our platform here
February 2020 - First two developers ready
We have two previous YSI participants ready to code the platform. 3 other candidates are in interviews the first week of March 2020.
February 2020: Board game is launched in our test group
The online boardgame for entrepreneurs is officially launched in our group of testers, that gives us feedback and ideas for how to make it better.
March 2020
3 developers ready, and one designer. The mockup is created of the platform
April 2020:
Everyone is onboarded, and the first code is written for the YSI platform
April-August 2020: Developing, research, content development
- Developers are hard at work
- Design is shaping up further
- Testing everything that is ready for testing
- Many bugs, fails, and re-works are needed.
- Research continues with the end-users
October-November: First testing
We launch an early beta that does not have an updated design. We get useful feedback from 40 entrepreneurs, but need to re-work.
Re-work platform and strategy based on feedback
Further development, and interviews with businesses as a possible b2b strategy.
Development is progressing fast, with 5 companies/organizations interested in using the platform.
Change in strategy, we will now go 100% into the b2c market, by focusing on helping entrepreneurs. This will allow us to innovate on the platform, and show the potential of online programs, rather than creating what businesses want now (which we believe is not far enough on the innovation side).
- Full beta is ready for it`s first test-programs with 50+ startups in end of August.