The Story

YSI is all about solving the greatest challenges of our generation. After witnessing the Paris Climate conference in 2015, a group youth felt inspired to take it one step further - Creating a global movement of youth who could create and implement the solutions for our grand challenges; from poverty to climate change to gender equality. 


The Begining

Desember 2015

A group of nine young students and entrepreneurs meet for a workshop about Maiuran Loganathans idea to gather youth to solve the climate challenge. At that time the project was called “Greentech”, but was soon changed to YSI.


April 2016

YSI launch event at the office of Future Leaders presenting the plans for the 2016.

First conference

June 2016

YSI Conference 2016 - “20 under 20”. 20 youth under 20 years old from 16 nations gathers in Oslo for seven days to go from ideas to finished business models. Four teams created four concepts to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time: the climate challenge. A machine for water-purification and “Tinder for plants” are definite business concepts teams still are working on today.


September 2016

The team gathers at Amund Gryttings farm to plan the next year with YSI.


 It started as a group of Norwegian youth and is now run by youth around the globe.



October 2016

A new YSI team is formed at Minerva Schools at KGI in San Fransisco, which expands the global outreach team reach with 15 nations.

10.029 applicants

March 2017

The application process ends with 10.029 applicants for the 25 spots at the 2017 global innovation program.

Global program 2017

April 2017

The 2017 global innovation program starts.

YSI Conference 2017

August 2017

YSI Conference 2017 - Earthpreneurs 2017




Our five month innovation program with 25 youth under the age of 25 years, chosen from 10'000 applicants in 170+ countries.


Recently we were also recognized by Erna Solberg,
the prime minister of Norway and co-chair of the SDG Advocates



YSI is scaling up internationally and innovation programs will be found on all continents in the coming years. Maybe you are the one to start a program in your hometown or school? Maybe you are working with something we should collaborate on? Let us do this together!