YSI Teams 2019
For 4,5 months they have created solutions from scratch - here you can find the 8 teams from 2019.
Toby Myers, Salam Al-Nukta, Gloria Kaugo, Yidir Bouhadjer and Abdellah El-Bouchikhi
LeafUp is a global movement, started in Oslo, to protect the environment and help coffee farmers earn a fair wage. Join the community today!

This team is part of the collaboration with YARA International

Yvon Huang, Earl Antony Pagatpat, Jonathan Kings, Akhilesh Reddy and Sasha Cohen Ioannides
A team from India, France, The US, The Philippines and Taiwan are working to empower the farmer by making crop price market information more available to farmers across the world. Starting with India as their first market, they are well underway to tackle issues in the Food Value Chain. This is the second team that are working in a collaboration between YARA International and YSI.

Visit them at: FarmEz

This team is part of the collaboration with YARA International

Qussai Maklad, Eden Tadesse and Thomas Artiach Sounssi.
We are in the midst of a global humanitarian crisis. 70 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes due to economic, political and environmental problems. 84% of those displaced are hosted in developing nations where economic opportunities are limited. Many of them, young and talented, migrate towards urban areas seeking employment but are met with extreme racism, social segregation and low-income jobs which undervalues their intelligence and professional experience.

Invicta is on a mission to change that.

Invicta is a freelance-based tech consultancy for highly skilled urban refugees and internally displaced people. We help refugees find remote work opportunities in accordance with their field of expertise, by connecting them to purpose-driven companies globally. Through a rigorous training and recruitment platform, we help enable an inclusive environment for sustainable economic development and digital empowerment.

To learn more, visit Invicta or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Watr Reportr
Taha Sajid, Mohamed Ahmed Fathy and Lucas Kehl.
A team of 3 from Pakistan, Egypt and Brazil aims to create a better collaboration between organizations working in the water and sanitation sector. As a first step, they are developing a worldwide map with geo-specific locations of problems to help organizations tackle these problems with more accuracy and speed.

Visit them at: MapforWater

David Millan and Cyan Brown
The rise of infectious disease worldwide has created a need for new and innovative ideas to create healthier, safer environments. SaniLight does just that. By harnessing the unique power of ultraviolet light to kill 99 % of bacteria and viruses SaniLIght has designed a box for disinfection of commonly dirty items like your phone and keys. We use brand new technology that's not just good for cleaning, but also good for the environment. We use UVC LED lights in our technology to replace the traditional mercury UVC lamps that are harmful to human health and extremely dangerous in the environment. An added bonus is that UVC LEDs last longer, are more efficient and are safe to use.

Elham Abdollahi, Diego Alonso Martin Jara and Sheraz Abdul Hayee
Plant-a-Plate utilizes agricultural waste to make food containers that turn into plants when disposed "Less waste, more plants"

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Visit their webpage here.

Fabiana Canipa Roque, John Bracken and Korop Mykola
Tiempo is a pre-investment analysis and power generation management platform for solar and wind plants that provides accurate and reliable historical and real-time weather data. Partnering with experienced weather forecast companies and developing an interface that fits renewable energy companies needs

the sustainable travel co.
Nik Supatravanij, Dorcas Wong and Ellen Septiane
A team of 3 from Indonesia, China and Thailand aim to make sustainability easier for the everyday traveller. With their innovative booking platform they are the first to promote businesses tackling local issues in Asia and reinvest their profits to help develop more sustainable practices.

The four issues they target are: waste management, wildlife protection, local empowerment and energy usage.

Visit them at: the sustainable travel co.