We are looking for a Content Creator!

Want to capture the work of YSI while travelling around the globe
- Norway, Bangladesh, Singapore and China working as a volunteer content creator?
If you are the right person we will cover part of your travel costs
for a summer volunteering position you won't forget.


Join The crew

To apply as a volunteer, you can be based anywhere in the world.
For anyone interested, within any area, please contact:

We have received 300 applications and are going through these.
Apologies for taking a while to get back to you.

Originally the deadline was April, however
we will keep applications open until July.


IT gang

The IT gang in YSI is responsible for all the systems used in the organisation. The gang develops and operates systems that reaches out to several thousand youth from all around the world. If you’re interested in programming, want to work in a fun and inspirational environment where you learn a lot at the same time? Then the IT section is definitely something for you! You would preferably have some previous knowledge of IT, but you would be surprised how far you can get with enough enthusiasm!

  • Head of IT
  • Head of Data Analytics
  • Project Leader YSI Education
  • Head of recruitment tech


The communication section is responsible for everything that is communicated from the organisation outwards, be it the design of the website, material during the program, or campaigns to draw people’s attention to the sustainable development. Communication will see you working to strengthen our identity, engage stakeholders, and increase our impact, through campaigns about sustainability in the media, through marketing, branding and global storytelling.

As head of a gang in the communication section and a part of the middle management, you will be responsible for your very own gang within the organisation and will select your own team to help you on your way. You will have an unique opportunity to leave your mark on Young Sustainable Impact, see your projects realized, and gain valuable leading experiences, meet tonnes of interesting people, and make lifelong friends along the way.

  • Head of Press
  • Head of Editorial
  • Assistant Head of Communication
  • Head of Creative outreach
  • Head of Film
  • Head of Social Media
  • Head of Marketing


We are looking for people who want to work to build a global movement with entrepreneurship and sustainability as a focal point. We are looking for people who want the best for our fellow community and believe in connecting earthpreneurs from different areas around the world. We intend to create a community which can stretch across the world and build an interest in a new way of approaching business.

If you want to combined physical and digital engagement this is the job for you. We are looking for someone who want to take responsibility for a larger community of Earthpreneurs with ideas to activate while also exploring local engagement within their area. One of the main ways to engage this year is through a global event working to address sustainability at several locations at the same time. Yet you are free to form the egangement over the year together with Alex Moltzau - Chief Communications Officer.

  • Project leader
  • Community Manager
  • Site Organizer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Content creator
  • Head of Africa
  • Head of Asia
  • Head of Australia
  • Head of South America
  • Head of America

External Relations

There is a chance to connect across the world both with different networks and established businesses. Yet we need engagement across several sectors to make that change come to life. We have a responsibility to change established businesses to make incremental change within massive systems. Earthpreneurs do not only exist in small companies they are also active within bigger corporations.

The work we have done so far has made a difference and could lead to a great change within the current systems. We have a chance to unleash the potential of experts in the current industry into a completely different direction – if we make the effort.

  • Global applications manager
  • Fund management intern
  • External relations assistant


We will continously be adding new positions.

If you have an idea we are open for suggestions.