A spontaneous innovation program
to solve problems related to the covid-19 crisis
Welcome to a four week YSI innovation program that aims to use creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation-mindset to aid the government, health-workers, and everyone battling the virus.

Many problems are identified and being worked on by professionals, but hundreds of issues are created in loneliness, economics, teaching and so much more. This program is for any and all solutions to real problems caused by the covid-19 crisis.

application process is finished

Our main partners
Development Goals Forum is our main partner for this program. Sparebank1 Østlandet is our main sponsor. Scroll further down to see other amazing partners!
All partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to write us at or apply in the button below
Young Sustainable Impact will set up a four week innovation program with one goal: Battle the corona-virus. The application process is open until 20th of March and the program will start March 23rd and last for four weeks. The goal is not profitable startups but solutions to real problems be it at a local, national or global level.
Program run

More in-depth about the program is found here.
Note that each week - some teams will go out of the program,
to enable focus on the teams with the most potential.
Identify/verify problem
If you have identified a problem your focus is to verify it. For those without a problem yet, they will find an important problem to solve.
Create idea
Do ideation and come up with a good idea and concept to test.
Test idea
Never have it been more important to test the idea, before spreading it. It needs to be helpful, not disturb the current efforts, and add concrete value.
If we see the solution working it's time to implement and spread it into the world, and ensure it will reach the people who need it the most!
How does the program work?
  1. Each week start with a course and a set of tasks to focus on for the week.
  2. There will be peer-to-peer meetups where participants help each other.
  3. Expert-mentors will be ready to talk at set times each week.
  4. At the end of each week the teams will present what they have done.
  5. The teams with solutions that can truly help will be followed up and supported.
  1. PS. Each week, we will choose some teams that will not be in the program anymore. Only the teams who work well, show progress and potential - will be in the program further.
READ MORE in-dept about the program HERE

The program is also online and will last from March 23rd - April 17th

The program will be different based on what stage you are in:

1. If you do not have an idea yet, you can choose between the week-stages below, or a design sprint to get to an idea.

2. If you have an idea we will start with building the idea into an MVP to test the idea out.

3. If you already have an operational solution we will find help, volunteers, mentors and partners to make your life easier and to spread the solution faster. We are also currently working to get partners and grants to help with testing and marketing.

Who can apply?
This is an online program, and all countries can apply and participate. You have to be over 16 years old.
Can I apply with an idea? Without an idea?
  • People with teams and idea can apply
  • People with ideas and no team can apply
  • People with solutions can apply
  • People with NO team and NO solution can also apply. You will be put in teams with the ones who have solutions or ideas.
How many teams will be accepted?
We will accept anyone who is good enough, who has a good idea or solution.
Time to apply and when the program is
Apply before: March 20th

Program from-until: March 23rd - April 17th

What type of solutions?
We are looking for both direct solutions to aid the people working in the front-line, information-spread and governments. But also in-direct solutions that can help with the problems that is happening due to the economic crisis, people helping other people with daily things etc.
Do you want to take part in co-creating solutions?
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