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Small Changes + Big Business
High Impact

1. Presentation
15min - 2 hours.
2. Workshop
1-2 days
3. Insight Factory
1 - 3 weeks
4. Program
3 - 5 months
1. Presentation // Enova
We held a presentation in front of 500 participants at the Enovaconference in Norway working to shift Norway towards sustainable energy usage. Danat Tekie from YSI presented: encouraging the audience to work with youth to solve the challenges facing the energy industry.
2. Workshop // Veidekke
We worked with Veidekke one of the top 10 largest companies in Norway, and amongst the biggest builders, to think about the future of Ulven in Oslo. We brought in 25 youth selected amongst 10 025 to troubleshoot the vision they had for the future and come with new suggestions as to how it could look like.

The press from the workshop in is right here:
3. Insight Factory // Coca Cola
It is clear that Coca Cola are using a lot of plastic and therefore they wish to understand how they can become even better at recycling. The recycling rate of plastic bottles in Norway is the highest in the world with 96% of bottles being recycled. Yet a team from YSI program wanted to push them to deliver on 100%.
4. Program // *New*
We are currently adapting the program which trains the most talented youth in the world in innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability to large corporations. We are currently talking with some partners regarding a potential pilot, yet we are open for new possibilities.
Veidekke will be building the future sustainable housing, and it is important to get suggestions from the generation that will buy these apartments.
Hege Dillner
Group Executive Vice President, Veidekke ASA
Statement made after YSI workshop (24.08.2017 reference)
Executive Partners
These partners enable YSI to work both through financial support in exchange for our services and by sharing their networks.
Venue Partners
These partners enable YSI to work through providing venue either for conference or otherwise.
Legal Partner
Effective operations requires the necessary legal structure. SANDS have fulfilled all our legal requirements these last years.
Knowledge Partners
We work to keep our participants at the forefront of research or business practices within sustainability, leadership and innovation.
Network Partners
To reach the world we need to work together with networks both locally in each location and from across the globe.
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