Partnership for the goals
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Executive Partners

These partners enable YSI to work both through financial support in exchange for our services and by sharing their knowledge and networks
These partners enable YSI to work through various ways such as financial support and access to their core services and facilities.
Ecosystem Partners
It is vital to keep our participants at the forefront of research and business practices within sustainability, leadership and innovation while ensuring reach locally and globally. We are therefore working with the following ecosystem partners for knowledge and network purposes.
What we offer
You can work both long-term with our brilliant youth, or for shorter periods where the focus is on gathering novel insights on a problem area of your choosing
Insight Factory (IF)
Tap into the minds of our best applicants, and get novel insights on pressing issues you are facing. For 10 days, a team will work remotely on a problem statement of your choice. In 2018 we ran a successful pilot with Coca-Cola, Orkla, and HCA Melbye.

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