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Insight Factory
We offer advising, consultancy and coaching in areas such as remote work and entreprenurship and innovation.
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YSI has accumulated a ton of knowledge from various fields by working with startups in dozens of different sustainability areas. We work directly with companies to secure
Online entrepreneurship/
innovation programs
For the last 4 years we have been running online innovation and entrepreneurship programs. We now offer advising/coaching for anyone who wants to set up, create content and conduct their own, previously physical, entrepreneurship programs online.
We can help you get the best out of this process!
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Danat Tekie
Chief External Relations
E-mail: danat@ysiglobal.com
Insight Factory
Talented young teams working to bring novel insights to your business by delivering growth-focused insights and solutions.
Insight Factory (IF) is a 3-week online process where a young, global, multidisciplinary team works on gathering, processing and delivering insights on a problem area chosen by you.

It can be used for anything connected to making your business more sustainable and innovative - exploring new markets, solving challenges, making strategic decisions, gathering data, understanding customers, etc.

YSI will help you develop the problem scope and provide the teams with our tailor-made innovation methods and creative tools.

The goal is to create a positive multiplier effect on your business through gaining novel insight and a diverse outside-in perspective, which can lead to real innovation.

You will receive the output delivered in a format chosen by you (report, toolbox, mock-ups, etc.).

Our work
Insight Factory projects we worked on previously
Coca Cola
Packaging and a future without waste to explore the field and its opportunities
Digital farming and food value chain disruption
Solar power applications, electrical grids and surveillance of power lines
New forms of power generating sources for short and deep-sea vessels and utilization of cross-team collaboration
How to accelerate the move of capital into more sustainable investments
Removal of single-use plastic packaging to explore ideas and increase quality of current work
"Through running the two YSI-IF teams we have gained valuable insights into a project of much uncertainty. We are impressed by how fast the teams understood the details of the task and could come up with viable solutions."
Bård Svensen
Sustainability Innovation Manager, Orkla Home & Personal Care
Strengthen your dedication and alignment towards making sustainability business as usual through experiential learning and learning by doing.
The source of our expertise comes from our innovation program that we have built from scratch and developed it into 4 different modules that gives us the ability to cover vast workshop types and topics.

Some of the topics covered are team creation, leadership development and team building, problem understanding, solution scoping and building.

The choice is yours and we will tailor every workshop specifically. All workshops can be conducted in Norwegian and English as well as online and physical.
We have had workshops with
For youth leaders working on how the EU can work to tackle sustainability challenges
Yara International
For Yara management on digital farming and food value chain
For property developers on the future of housing and concrete housing projects
Angel Challenge
For potential angel investors on entreprenuership and SDG focused investement
Development Goals Forum
For students, we held different workshops on mental health and sustainable banking
Høgskolen Innlandet
For MA students on the topic of exponential technologies, entrepreneurship and sustainability
Have a look through our innovation program in detail, research the topics and get inspired!
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Danat Tekie
Chief External Relations
E-mail: danat@ysiglobal.com
E-mail: contact@ysiglobal.com
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