YSI Local Canada



General Description:

YSI Canada’s inaugural conference will take place in Toronto in May 2018. We hope to bring 5 teams of 5 into the first annual cohort of YSI Canada. The program will begin in January with an online sustainable entrepreneurship training program and culminate with a week-long conference and event in which participating teams will be able to pitch their innovations to investors. Throughout the process, we hope to connect our teams with mentors in industries related to their innovations. 


Personal Description: 

Hello, my name is Samantha and I am the Director of YSI Canada. After having the opportunity to attend the YSI Global program this year, I have truly witnessed all the impact, talent, and change that can come from giving young innovators a platform. Having participated in entrepreneurship activities in Toronto for several years, I am excited to turn Canada and Toronto’s unique innovation scene into a new home for YSI. 


A general timeline of YSI Canada: 

December: Launch of the application process

January: The 5 teams are chosen, online mentorship/education program begins

February-April: The teams identify their interests, and develop their innovation with mentors

May: The teams meet each other in Toronto for the week-long program and finalize their innovation pitch during the week. The program ends in teams pitching their ideas to investors and seeking ways to implement solutions within society.