YSI expansion
YSI Local and Regional
In 2017 we decided to find some great young people who wanted to create YSI in their country or region. We ended up with fantastic teams who started YSI for Southeast Asia (based in Singapore), Bangladesh, and China.
The programs
Each YSI organization is created from scratch with few resources in each region or country. While collaborating with YSI, using the brand and program structure - the real work lies in building their organizations. Read more about the amazing teams below:
YSI Bangladesh
YSI Bangladesh faces the challenge that innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship is quite new and unusual in the country. Despite this, they managed to create a 3-month version of the program, an online opportunity platform, as well as an education platform in their first year. As the pioneers of sustainable development & innovation in their country, they have big plans to reduce the knowledge gap on sustainability challenges, and make impact on the future - read more:
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YSI China
With 6 teams, a 3-month program, and a 5-day conference, the China-based YSI team have established partnerships and structures in Shanghai. Government partners and investors are now a part of their network, enabling them to create opportunities for youth. They plan to do more exciting operations in Greater China with their next program.
More on YSI China
YSI Southeast Asia (SEA)
YSI SEA is also not operating currently, but they still have a vibrant entrepreneurship community.

Previously: YSI SEA has the most similar structure, considering that they have people from several countries, therefore being a regional program. In their first iteration, they had 800 applicants from 10 SEA countries, got 40 mentors, and 8 corporate and state partners. They also managed to build a driven team of 20 from scratch in one year. Read more about their mission empower youth in Southeast Asia:
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Local and regional
The new YSI teams were chosen based on where they wanted to create an impact. We ended up with one regional program for South East Asia (SEA), with their base in Singapore. They get applicants from all the countries in SEA.

Bangladesh and China, are programs which is based locally in their countries. Given their sizeable populations (164 million in Bangladesh; 1.2 billion in China), they capture a great deal of youth in their countries to empower their progress and maximize impact.
How are they different from YSI Global?
YSI Global was created in Oslo, Norway, by a bunch of young people driven to create a platform for youth to create innovations and iniatives towards solving the SDGs. To make this happen in other places on planet earth, the same drive is needed, while being put into a local or regional context. Therefore, there are teams who seem similar to the global team, that started the YSI program from scratch. They are part of YSI, but still they make their own way under guidance of YSI Global, with similar structures on key parts of the organization, like the innovation program.

The local chapters have autonomy in terms of making hyper-localized business models, marketing, as well as how they deliver the innovation program to their participants, as they have a better understanding of their local context.
Will there be more programs?
As of November 2019, YSI Global has changed their strategy. Instead of running a global program we are developing a platform and focusing on the community. This in turn will lead us to focus on the creation of more YSI regional programs like southeast asia is right now.

More information about this will come once our platform is up and running.
Feel free to contact our country directors directly with any relevant requests
Suman Saha
Managing Director of Bangladesh
Sai Surya
Managing Director of Southeast Asia (SEA)
Kai Dai
Managing Director of Greater China