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Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway with a message to youth and YSI
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Let`s take a couple of examples, such as recycling and becoming vegetarian. The reason for these examples is because it`s the typical «I want to change your behavior» topic, where on the one side someone tries to influence people to change their behaviour, and on the other side a person has to struggle with listening to a person trying to change them.

We need a Google Analytics for the world`s problems. The SDGs are a nice indicator of what we actually need to do, and companies like DNV-GL are mapping out the potential. We have companies like Impact Mapper that maps out the impact an NGO is doing with the money received for their operations. Still, it seems like the problems are never-ending.

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To change the world: A YSI Global story, by documentary creator and storyteller Ong Kah Jing (OKJ)

Whenever something new comes to the market, they are usually not the first. Even if the technology is totally new, there is a history of this problem you are solving, or the need you are covering.

To truly understand something like "the future of AI", your own future, the future of The US politics, it seems we can`t read ourselves up and then fix it. We sure as hell can't read CNN and draw a conclusion without 50 cognitive biases sweeping in on our logic.

Ali Mannan Tirmizi became one of the 25 under 25 in 2017, and is now working with his team to ensure clean water for the world, through the project Xyla Water.

Sacrifice is incredibly hard for a lot of reasons. We are social creatures and to sacrifice your weekends, friends and time with people you care about seems stupid. It doesn`t seem fair that you can`t have it all, and at the same time. Do you really want to do something great?

Work remotely and change the game. Remote work is a psychological barrier, nothing more. Working with business remotely is the new thing to do.

Sitting up in the evening, pushing in another hour at 22.00, you can often reflect about life. You can start thinking about the big questions of life. What is the meaning behind me sitting up, working longer, and harder to create something? As an entrepreneur, these questions don't disappear, but the answers I find make me more eager to work.

Buying CO2 emission permits and chewing them to shreds really makes a difference for the climate. Sounds like it would take hard, complicated, time-consuming and expensive work? No way, Jose! Chooose makes it engaging and easy to be a climate hero.

What happens when everyone is talking about a thing like Sustainable, entrepreneurship or innovation is that the message becomes surprisingly unclear.

Most people stop at feeling morally superior, and feels like they have done their job once the protest is over, or that facebook post is posted. I would argue that, at some point, it has no longer any effect in solving the problem at hand.