What is the impact of YSI? We are definitely not where we want to be, and things are gradually becoming greater - but some impact is starting to happen.
We in YSI are far from happy with the impact we are making so far. However, we are incouraged that in a short amount of time, with limited resources, and only young people - we see it really is possible to make a footprint.
Plastic avoided or removed
Through Aquasolis Global and Waymore we remove or avoid using plastic.
single use bottles avoided
Plastic bottles recycled into t-shirts
Clean water provided
Aquasolis Global is providing clean water through their reversed osmosis machine.
people are getting clean water, in the first project. Exponential growth is expected!
CO2 mitigated
Aquasolis Global and Waymore also have an impact directly on CO2 mitigation.
kilos of CO2 mitigated
Entrepreneurship education
Through our 4 active programs we have provided entreprenurship training and education.
Innovation programs run in 4 countries
People have finished our innovation program, and been trained for 5 months.
Startups and projects have been part of our programs
Sustainable development awareness
Through our marketing campaigns and application processes - we have made more people aware of the SDGs.
45+ million
Reached through our marketing and PR
Unique individuals have applied to our programs
Applications in total to our programs
Community building and movement
Earthpreneurs, our community, has made connections and created a platform to take action in many places around the globe.
people part of the different Earthpreneurs communities
Countries have made a Earthpreneurs community group
Connections and meetups have been done (No accurate number here).
Awareness through talks
YSI has talked on some of the biggest stages in Norway, and have been in over 20 countries talking to crowds about sustainability, the SDGs, entrepreneurship and youth...
People have been listening to our talks
Different cities where we have had our talks
Of the audience is over 30 years old, including prime ministers, CEOs, and decision makers.
Working for more impact
The numbers above is only with a few of the projects in the pipeline, with much more expected in the next years.
We have 8 startups in the global program, 9 in the Southeast Asia program, 8 in the Chinese program, and a new program starting in Bangladesh in September 2019.

At the same time we are waiting for some our startups to make their impact on the world from previous years: InforMed, Mass Metrics & Wash Metrics, as well as Urinalytics from the Global program.
Side projects from the YSI teams
The regional, local and global program teams are working on everything from education platforms, smaller projects, and workshops with businesses and universities about sustainability and entrepreneurship.
The community
Earthpreneurs has a high potential, and in the next 2 years, there will be a focus on making this community more impactful.