I get the same email many times, why?

We have technical problems with our email provider, we are aware of the problem and trying to fix it ASAP.

Can I get an explanation as to why I did not make it to part 2?

No, we do not have enough staff on hand to do this, even if we would like to give everyone constructive feedback. 

I have not received a response to my application yet, what should I do?

Write an email to application@ysiglobal.com to inform us you have not been informed of application status, and we will reply you within 24 hours!

I got emails saying I made it to part 2 AND also emails saying I did not make it to part 2, which is it?

If you have got an email saying you got accepted to part 2, that is the one that counts!

Start-up have to be non-profit or profit? 

That is up to each team

In any case that our start-up succeed. What are YSIs thought to give inputs to promote the Start-up’s operational sustainability for the next X years?

If you are referring to mentors, we will give support where it is applicable and where we have the resources to do so. If you are referring to fundingwe will share our investor network with the different teams, and it will be up to you to convince them that your idea is investable. In the future, we are considering building a YSI Fund that will invest in the best YSI startups, but don't expect this to be the case this year. 

How many typically on a team? Skills breakdown? 

Each team will, in the beginning, start with a team of three, but will be expanded with one or two people if this is necessary. The skills will depend on the solution that you choose to go for. 

Who will choose the topic for use? Could I suggest based on interest and line of career? 

The teams will choose the topic by themselves, so this can be whatever your team wants to work with. Our only requirement is that the startup idea works towards bettering one of the UN's SDG's

How many hours per week expected for a candidate? 

15-25 hours (as explained in the application process)

Expected deliverables on a particular period? 

The program is quite detailed, and the selected participants will get all the information needed during the program. 


If you have any other questions please send your e-mail to contact@ysiglobal.com