As you take part in the E-case you can test your knowledge and develop a solution on companies challenges, based on the 17 SDG´s. We believe that today’s businesses have a corporate social responsibility towards the environment and the people inhabiting this planet. They want to change the current and look to you for sustainable solutions.



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Why? Established businesses and organizations are important for our sustainable future. Young people need to test their skills, learn and also show businesses new directions to tackle the future. This is a win-win situation where the new meets the established!

How? A business will present a case, which you can solve alone or in a group. This is an opportunity for you to implement sustainable solutions to current corporate challenges.

What? The case will be presented in text, video or in some cases a webinar. This will be specified in the brief of the case.


1. Working individually or in teams from anywhere


2. Sourcing or developing solutions with big impact


3. Track and follow-up your solutions with support from the YSI network


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like to try?