Earthpreneurs Community

An Earthpreneur is someone that is using entrepreneurship for the purpose of a sustainable planet Earth

A non-sustainable world is not an issue of yesterday – it is an issue of today and tomorrow. We, as the next generation, are going to live with the consequences of the choices that are made today – choices that we can influence.


The Earthpreneur community shall be a place to bring together the greatest young entrepreneurs from all over the world. To create, prototype and implement real solutions to the 17 UN sustainable development goals.

2017: We reached 100.000 people from 200 countries and received applications from 170 countries and 10.029 applicants.
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Are you an Earthpreneur?


Do you need help or insight for your startup or idea? Or do you want to work on important projects? We have created a community for all Earthpreneurs so we can share our challenges and work together to reach our common goals faster.