We are a global community of youth, making sustainability business as usual
Our movement started with YSI as a response to the Paris conference with a group of youth who looked ahead. In 2017 the YSI program had 10 029 applicants from 170 countries. By this we discovered a global community of youth interested in sustainability and entrepreneurship. At that moment, the word: "Earthpreneur" appeared as an attempt to describe who we were, and in a short year, it grew beyond expectation.
60 chapters
Youth spread across the world organizing locally
14 000+ members
Who are combining sustainability and entrepreneurship for solutions
9 years left
To reach the sustainable development goals issues by the United Nations
Gather youth in your area to gain insight within the national context of the sustainable development goals
Knowledge-sharing and mentoring?
We connect youth from around the world to share their interest and understanding within the sustainable development goals. Both of these services are completely free of charge and currently linked to our group on the Facebook platform.
from spring 2017
The start of Earthpreneurs was the invitation of all 2017 program applicants to a new Facebook group - it grew from nothing to 3500 members in a few months. During 2018, with the launch of a new program, the group grew to a size of 7700 with 5000 active members.

In late spring 2018, we opened for the possibility to start local communities. That spring youth from more than 100 countries expressed interest to start their own local communities. 60 countries with local communities rapidly appeared as groups on Facebook.

It was decided by YSI that the word earthpreneurs was not to be owned by anyone and shared with everyone. Local communities would self-organize in a decentralized manner and connect online to learn from each other how to tackle the challenge of sustainability in their own area.

A shared event was also proposed a weekend on the 24th-26th of August in 2018 and an earthpreneurs website was launched. Early summer the mentorship feature on Facebook was launched and 150+ youth from around the world were matched within a week.

At the current, November 2018, time YSI is doing its best to facilitate this network with as much knowledge and resources as possible. It is in our best interest that we grow a conscious community of youth who want to drive this change towards sustainability across the globe.

Want to know more?
Check out www.earthpreneurs.co or join our Facebook group.
You can also easily set up your own earthpreneurs community on any platform.