YSI started in 2016 by a group of youth who witnessed the cop21, paris conference, and looked ahead.

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We believe innovation and entrepreneurship can solve most of our challenges in the world, that youth is the driving force, and in collaboration with THE EXPERIENCED and established – it can be done.

The goal is to create real impact startups focused on
solving one or more of the sustainable development goals. 

Read about the sustainable development goals here: https://sdgcompass.org/

Our two approaches are:

+ 1. Our innovation programs

Our main approach is a 5-month innovation program, taking individuals into teams of 3 people. The 7 teams tackle one or more of the sustainable development goals and create startups to help solve them. They work online for 4,5 months going through Design Thinking, Lean methodology and ending up in the Agile mindset. They are expected to have a fully fledged startup before coming to Oslo for 2 weeks, meeting mentors, investors and of course the brilliant team members.

The goal is to end up with startups that will be sustainable - economically, environmentally and socially.

+ 2. Working with the established and experienced

Our second approach is that we work closely with established organizations, businesses and professionals. We run online innovation processes and workshops live to challenge existing mindsets and bring diversity to expert teams.

While youth might lack experience, the innovative ones in our community often see opportunities that are novel and unique.


ARE YOU ready for action?