Marcus Bruns
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Marcus spends most of his time working with partners, following up the YSI Local chapters and making sure the whole team is working on exciting tasks and going in the same direction. With a background in Economics, building and working for several startups, management consulting experience and work experience from four countries, he is a structured jack of all trades that gets his stuff done.

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Amund Grytting
Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

Growing up on a farm has shaped how Amund views the world. With a deep care for nature, a bachelor in human geography and a short study of CSR - Amund ensures that Young Sustainable Impact is focusing on it`s own impact, keeps integrity and focus on what sustainability really menas. Amund is also focused on the daily operations, data-gathering and innovation program development.

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Didrik Strøhm
Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Didrik is the chief-designer of the five month innovation program, but also works with marketing strategy and content creation for YSI. With his Bachelor in Innovation, Creativity & Business Building, five years experience on the startup scene and one year study of Digital Marketing - he has a vast amount of knowledge and skillsets that he brings to the table.

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Danat Tekie
External Relations Officer (CRO)

Danat Tekie is the perfect leader for external relations. With a combination of confidence and empathy, she creates great relationships with businesses who works on becoming more sustainable. With her background in organization and leadership she is equipped with tools and knowledge to understand the needs of businesses.
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Christoffer Bouwer
Program developer

Christoffer co-develops the innovation program with Didrik, with a particular focus on team development, deep problem understanding, needs and value creation. Finishing up his masters degree in Industrial Economics, he brings a strong and cross-disciplinary background to the team. With experience from leading Norway's biggest subject-related and student-arranged conference, working with leadership development, assisting several startups and more.

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Zark Janjua
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Zark is pursuing a master in leadership & Change, after his bachelor in economy was done. He has been part of YSI since the very start, and has kept YSI a float with his strategic mindset and will to make things happen.
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Alex Moltzau
Community manager

With several startups and iniatives on his record, and a bachelor in creative management - it`s no wonder Alex is focusde on community building. Been a big part of building the community to become engaged and growing to 60+ countries.

Alex is currently pursuing a bachelor in Social anthropology.

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Ebba Engström
Innovation intern

Ebba is a multi-faceted person with a BSc (Honours) Biotechnology and MPA in Development, Technology and Innovation Policy, having been engaged in areas including food security, gender equality, urban development and entrepreneurship. She is a Youth-Ag Summit and UNCTAD Youth Forum alumni and with a strong research background, she strives to foster innovation through a systematic approach.
Alexandra Paloczi
Marketing intern

Alexandra, from Hungary, holds a bachelor's and master's in Communication and Media Studies focusing on organisational communication in which she gained experience too. Currently she is pursuing her master's in Development, Environment and Cultural Change. Her main interests are social inequality, cultural adaption and communicating sustainability.
Wafa Haddoumi
Event & logistics coordinator

Wafa has great communication skills and has a background in Sales, Logistics, Banking, event planning, Customer Advisory and have spent the last 7 years working part-time with the youth. With her diversified background, and an MSc in International business management she brings her valuable insight, creativity and experiences to YSI.
Mari Josefin Yssen
Logistics manager

She has experience from working with shipping, trade, transport, logistics and heavy industry, collaboration with big corporate companies worldwide, living both in Hamburg, Germany and Toronto, Canada. She has several years with startup initiatives on her record, and for the moment she is also pursuing a degree in naval automation and satellitt technology at a College in Oman, while living in Norway, working on certifying herself in German and learning Arabic, all based on her curiosity of the world.

In YSI she is doing logistics related to events and processes in the organisation, such as to the application process.

Martina Martinovic
External relations intern

Martina is our External Relations Intern coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She will contribute to YSI with her research, communication, management and analysis skills which are supported by her Masters degree in Law and background in customer care and sales experience.
Event & People intern

Cristina is purpose-driven and has background in Business Administration with an extensive experience in HR, Event Management and Social Work. She is a strong believer in the power of youth for bringing a much needed change in the world and she wants to bring her contribution in the sustainability area.
Karen Sofie Engesund

In our marketing team we also have Karen. She holds a bachelor's degree in PR and Communication and is currently studying Creative Market Communication. Karen saw this internship not only as an opportunity to work with and gain experience in communication, but also to be a part of an organisation with such an important message to communicate. She later hopes to take a master's degree in Strategic Public Relations with combined courses in Organisational Sustainability.
Suman Saha
Managing Director of Bangladesh
Sai Surya
Managing Director of Southeast Asia (SEA)
Kai Dai
Managing Director of Greater China
David Møller
Business Coach
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