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Are you tired of conferences with a lot of talks and just listening? If so - save the date for the most engaging event in Oslo!
August 23, 5:00 - 9:00
SALT, Langkaia 1
100-300 kr
We believe innovation and entrepreneurship can solve the global challenges.
YOUTH can be the driving force behind that change if we connect it with the experienced and resourceful people.

If you are tired of sitting, a lot of talking and no action, save the date for the most engaging event in Oslo, one of the top 5 events for youth of Oslo Green Capital.
So, whats happening?
Activity rooms
You can participate in different activity rooms where companies and organizations will share how they are addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a fun way.
Start-up pitch
You will meet the 27 participants, chosen amongst 12 500 applicants, that are working to achieve the SDGs. Witness them pitch their startups for the first time publicly, give feedback and vote for your favourite!
Share your knowledge & learn from others
Voice your ideas and opinions. Participate, learn and meet others that have the same willpower as you!
Meet new people
Talk to likeminded people. There will be people from all around the world at Earthpreneurs.
See you at Earthpreneurs 2019?
Share your ideas on how to be sustainable!
If you have an idea, know someone, or want to discuss a particular topic on Earthpreneurs, we want to hear from you NOW.

What are the most pressing problems we have to discuss?
Do you know about fun and impactful ways to reach the SDGs?
Is there an awesome startup, NGO or a company, that everyone has to hear about?
Share your ideas on how to be sustainable!
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